[Haskell-cafe] Re: Shootout summary

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at cse.unsw.edu.au
Fri Jan 6 23:58:31 EST 2006

> haskell:
> > Summary of things entered and of things being worked on.
> > 
> > Things that are on the wiki at http://haskell.org/hawiki/ShootoutEntry
> > but that have not been submitted:
> > 
> > Fannkuch entry by Bertram Felgenhauer
> > Mandelbrot entry
> I've done some benchmarking of the current entries for fannkuch and
> mandelbrot, and have proposed final entries for these two tests. Perhaps
> you'd like to confirm the speed improvments, and submit them, Chris?

And a proposed entry for harmonic is ready to be submitted, too, once
you test on your setup.

-- Don

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