[Haskell-cafe] RE: Haskell vs. Clean

Scherrer, Chad Chad.Scherrer at pnl.gov
Thu Jan 5 16:19:09 EST 2006


My knowledge of Clean is fairly limited (even more so than my knowledge
of Haskell), but no one seems to be responding to this, so I'll take a
crack at it. Here is why I've stuck with Haskell instead of Clean:

1. It runs well on Linux
2. The license is more open
3. There is a (comparatively) large, active research community
4. Mailing list support is very good (haven't looked at Clean's for
5. It strikes me as more elegant

Clean does seem to have a claim to speed. But given (3) and the fact
that the languages are, after all, fairly similar, I wonder if (and hope
that) Haskell may be able to make similar claims before long. 

Actually, this makes me wonder... Is Clean's claim to speed due to raw
performance being a very high priority for its implementers, or is there
something inherent in its semantics that will always give it an edge?
Will Haskell be able to catch up?



Daniel Carrera daniel.carrera at zmsl.com wrote:
Hi all,

How would you compare Haskell and Clean? It looks like they are both 
pure functional languages with very similar syntax. It also appears that

Clean is faster than Haskell, it appears to be fairly fast. I'm curious 
to learn about relative advantages and disadvantages of each.


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