[Haskell-cafe] Re: Progress on shootout entries

Chris Kuklewicz haskell at list.mightyreason.com
Thu Jan 5 07:08:11 EST 2006

I piped the output of fasta (with N=250,000) into the entries on the
wiki [2] which I compiled with 'ghc -O2'.  Watching with 'top', I saw
over 400MB of RSIZE by the end.  So perhaps I am benchmarking wrong,
since this is the same memory usage as the original reverse-compliment
entry, and roughly the same speed.

Donald Bruce Stewart wrote:
> I've added an entry on the hawiki[1] for the regex-dna benchmark, and
> posted a smaller (down to 15 lines), faster entry for
> [2]reverse-complement, using string indexing from Alex.
> Cheers, 
>   Don
> [1] http://haskell.org/hawiki/ShootoutEntry
> [2] http://haskell.org/hawiki/ReverseComplementEntry
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