[Haskell-cafe] How to print a string (lazily)

Daniel Carrera daniel.carrera at zmsl.com
Tue Jan 3 13:11:42 EST 2006

Chris Kuklewicz wrote:
> What does lazy printing mean?
> I assume it means you evaluate the head of the list, print it, then
> recursively do this for the tail of the list.  With an infinite list you
> will get inifinite output.
> I assume it does not mean you evaluate the whole list before printing
> anything.  This would prevent infinite lists from producing output.

Yes, that's exactly what I had in mind. I wanted to print [1..] (an 
infinite list) with each number on a different line.

Thanks for the help. Yes, the function works now.

> main = do
>   let hw = ["Hello"," ","World","!"]
>   mapM_ putStr hw
>   mapM_ putStrLn hw
>   putStr (unlines hw) -- see also: unwords, words, lines
>   printList hw

Cool. I didn't know about (un)words and unlines.

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