[Haskell-cafe] Constructor classes implementation

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at cse.unsw.edu.au
Tue Feb 21 20:25:43 EST 2006

> >>
> >I still don't see clearly. So you've implemented the type inference
> >algorithm from Jones' paper, good. But is there any significance or
> >gain,  apart from it being a nice and interesting exercise?
> No. Nor did I state that there was.  There's a reason I posted this  
> to Haskell-cafe and not Haskell.  I just thought the code might be  
> useful for other people who were similarly trying to understand how  
> constructor classes are implemented.  The only other code I found  
> (that wasn't inside a compiler) was that associated with the "Typing  
> Haskell in Haskell" paper.  The nice thing about the algorithm in "A  
> system of constructor classes: ..." is that it is small and to-the- 
> point.

Seems like useful code to me. The more the merrier  :)

-- Don

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