[Haskell-cafe] Re: Associated Type Synonyms question

Stefan Wehr mail at stefanwehr.de
Fri Feb 17 08:26:18 EST 2006

Martin Sulzmann <sulzmann at comp.nus.edu.sg> wrote::

> Stefan Wehr writes:
> > [...]
> > Manuel (Chakravarty) and I agree that it should be possible to
> > constrain associated type synonyms in the context of class
> > definitions. Your example shows that this feature is actually
> > needed. I will integrate it into phrac within the next few days.
> > 
> By possible you mean this extension won't break any
> of the existing ATS inference results?

Yes, although we didn't go through all the proofs.

> You have to be very careful otherwise you'll loose decidability.

Do you have something concrete in mind or is this a more general


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