[Haskell-cafe] Code completion? (IDE)?

Ketil Malde ketil.malde at bccs.uib.no
Fri Feb 17 08:16:11 EST 2006

Marc Weber <marco-oweber at gmx.de> writes:

> I tried downloading, eclipse and the latest EcplipseFP zip file.
> I couldn't use the standard installer (Help-> Add Features ..) because
> it didn't find anything..

Strange, that worked for me.

>From my quick look, Eclipse looks like a workable candidate.  Since I
have the Emacs key combinations pretty much hard-wired in my hands, I
was pleased to see there was an Emacs mode, and pleasantly surprised
that unlike some Emacs modes, it actually seemed to be fairly faithful
and complete.

However, I got a bit lost in the various menus, and having no previous
experience with it, I don't know whether any problems are due to bugs
or incompletenesses in EclipseFP, or my lack of experience with
Eclipse itself.  So at the moment, I'm still using Emacs.

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