Betreft: Re: [Haskell-cafe] Elementary HaXml question

Koen.Roelandt at Koen.Roelandt at
Fri Feb 10 03:30:29 EST 2006

> Ah, I see.  In the first case, you simply change the <font> tag into
> <h1>, keeping the <em> tag exactly the same.  But in the second case,
> you not only want to change <font> into <h1>, but also to move the <em>
> tag from outside the <font> to inside.

Not exactly. In the end I want to turn both tags into one <h1>:

<em><font size="4">Hello World</font></em> and <font size="4"><em>Hello 
should both become
<h1 class="subtitle">Hello World</h1>

The second case works now (cf. my previous post). <em> still appears, but 
I guess I can deal with that by refining the filters. The current problem 
is that I can 'find' <em> in <font> but not <font> in <em>, which puzzles 



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