[Haskell-cafe] Haskell to call Microsoft COM (Dispatch)

Marsh J. Ray marsh.hs at mysteray.com
Sun Feb 5 02:20:41 EST 2006

Marc Weber wrote:
> Hi. I spent much time trying to get it to work.. you have to download
> the whole fptools directory (from cvs!).. and I think i did some little
> patches but I can check out again and compare..
> It did compile and I think it's working well but I'm still struggling
> getting to use it.. At least the examples do compile!
> If you are really interested I would appreciate getting in contact with
> you (my private email: marco-oweber a t gmx.de) .. Perhaps we can help
> each other. (Becaue I'm not an experienced haskell programmer, yet ;-) 
I've been trying to get hdirect to build and would also appreciate any 
hints. Sounds like I should try the version from CVS?

- Marsh

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