[Haskell-cafe] Why is $ right associative instead of leftassociative?

Paul Hudak paul.hudak at yale.edu
Sat Feb 4 16:21:32 EST 2006

Actually, one of the main reasons that we chose (:) is that that's what 
Miranda used.  So, at the time at least, it was not entirely clear what 
the "de facto universal inter-language standard" was.

In any case, I agree with Stefan regarding Haskell Prime!


Stefan Holdermans wrote:
> Brian wrote:
>> I think the mystery surrounding :: and : might have been that
>> originally people thought type annotations would hardly ever be needed
>> whereas list cons is often needed, but now that it is regarded as good
>> practice to put a type annotation before every top level value
>> binding, and as the type system becomes more and more complex (eg with
>> GADTs etc), type annotations are now presumably far more common than
>> list cons so it would be good if Haskell Prime would swap these
>> operators back to their de facto universal inter-language standard of
>> list cons and type annotation respectively.
> I don't think Haskell Prime should be about changing the look and  feel 
> of the language.
> Regards,
>   Stefan

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