[Haskell-cafe] Known Unknowns

Joel Koerwer joelkoerwer at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 00:14:45 EST 2006

Hey this is great. Chris your improvements are awesome. I mean the
speed is nice, but you really cleaned up the code.

There's an extraneous call to energy in the second runST block, but it
should be insignificant. Also, -fglasgow-exts is necessary for the
left-hand-side type declarations of size and dt.

One question, in:

calcMomentum (i+1) $! (px+vx*m,py+vy*m,pz+vz*m)

that $! doesn't actually do much for a tuple, does it? Of course,
there's not much point in further optimizing the initialization
routine, as we'd never be able to detect the difference in runtime.

The shootout has been a great learning tool for me :-)

Thanks to Chris, Don, and the rest of the Haskell community.


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