[Haskell-cafe] EclipseFP (Haskell IDE) 0.9.1 released

Graham Klyne GK at ninebynine.org
Wed Feb 1 08:21:02 EST 2006

Thiago Arrais wrote:
> EclipseFP 0.9.1 has been released since last Friday. It is an
> open-source development environment for Haskell code.
> EclipseFP integrates GHC with an Haskell-aware code editor and also
> supports quick file browsing through an outline view, automatic
> building/compiling and quick one-button code execution. Downloads and
> more information are available on the project home page
> http://eclipsefp.sourceforge.net/
> We are open for comments and general discussion. Actually we would
> really appreciate comments from both newbie and veteran Haskell
> programmers. This is open-source development and everyone on the
> Haskell community is welcome to participate.

More of a meta-comment than a comment...

[I should say that I haven't yet actually tried this software, though I'd like
to do so when I get some time.]

One of the features of Haskell that I like is that it doesn't require lots of
IDE support to write complex programs... the compact syntax and clean separation
of concerns that can be achieved make it iasy enough to program using nothing
more than a regular text editor, and no long wait for the development
environment to start up.  I can imagine programming Haskell on a palm-top device.

So is there a compelling feature in this Eclipse plugin that isn't easily
achieved using simpler tools?

(Please don't take this as a negative response to your efforts -- I can imagine
things that would really help Haskell development based on this kind of
framework, such as features in quickly inspect intermediate results in complex
programs without visible recompilation, and instrumentation of intermediate
results for creating regression tests, though I don't know how such might be


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