[Haskell-cafe] Known Unknowns

Joel Koerwer joelkoerwer at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 07:17:01 EST 2006

Don, that's a great little mini tutorial, exactly what I was hoping for. I'm
looking forward to learning more tricks.

On an unrelated note, I have an STUArray nbody. I haven't really looked
closely at the chris+dons version, but I suspect they amount to doing the
same thing. I get commensurate runtimes at least. But I'll post it on the
wiki in a while in case there is some optimization I missed.

On an even more unrelated note, I get slower runtimes with -optc-O3 and
-optc-ffast-math than without. Individually or in tandem. Odd. This is ghc
6.4.1 and gcc 4.0.3 on a (Banias) Pentium M.
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