[Haskell-cafe] Book "Haskell in real world"

Patrick Mulder pemulder at yahoo.de
Fri Dec 15 09:32:53 EST 2006

Hello Bulat,

you are talking about the real world, but maybe it
useful to think about, that the real world might have
different forms, falls into different categories.

What I mean: The real world for a computer game
programmer, network service application developper,
complex simulation software engineer, embedded system
designer, business software developper or university
researcher might look quite different. 

> one of such points may be the book for commercial
> programmers that will
> show them how their real programs can be written
> Haskell and convince them
> that Haskell really cuts off development cycle and
> increase software
> reliability

This sounds like an economical problem, and although
there are certainly the benefits you describe it is
important to think about the cost and risk of learning
a new skill. I was thinking about this lately at the
post office where they trained a new employee to send
packets. Although all the efforts they made to make
this simple activity smooth for the customer, I
realized that they made a mistake with pricing at the
end. Because I was already on my way home, the mistake
caused by training the new employee costed them
1euro50. To make training or teaching material 
successful, the content should focus on reducing
potential mistakes or overengineering (= the cost and
risk of learning something so "complicated" as a
functional programming language). 




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