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Kaveh Shahbazian kaveh.shahbazian at gmail.com
Tue Dec 12 05:04:16 EST 2006

Thanks again.
Look all. When I (and I think everybody here) make a discussion about
Haskell, It is not about to dominating anyone('s opinions) or attacking to
Haskell (for Haskell evangelists!); Haskell is great enough that surely will
lead - if not "be" - the next picture for meaning of "SOFTWARE DEVELOPING".
I did not know anything about functional programming. I have a B.S. in
telecommunications and ... as you know one day I woke up in bed lying beside
my beloved codes! And there I became a programmer! Then I came across with
scripting : Ruby! Lovely! Fantastic! At first It was very hard for my
"c-writer" mind to even understand what this "scripting thing" is. But at
last I felt It and learned how to do It.
And with more reading, suddenly there was something totally different :
Functional Programming.
See : Reduced of many many type of bugs in your code; why? No side effect!
Debugging! Profiling! Type safety!
So why I say that?

Again see : In less than five years we will have processors with normally
six cores or more and fast hardware - very cheap. Hold that.

So you still want to pay your developers for checking "NULL" values,
correctness of "INTERFACES", writing "IF ELSE" and "SELECT CASE"s full of
side effect and junks (Something that can be simply implemented by "Pattern
Matching"), continuing OO world that has not even a accurate calculus for
describing things (and came from industrial engineering), code that may
crash through exceptions and very stupid-complex execution paths, checking
array out-of rang things, handling and passing and dereferencing pointers
correctly...............OOOOH! Just calculate that how % of developer's time
is being consumed by this stupid tasks? You know; this will be a big-bang
for commercials! (If their stupid consultants can understand).
I am a usual developer, not smart and academic as you, and not as stupid
ones to pretend to know something better than all. Even this kind of
programming still is very hard for me. I am still struggling with monads and
monad transformers! So I am choosing the hard path - even very hard one.
Why? Because I am sure every mean developer like me can be productive in
functional programming in 6 to 12 months. And imagine that huge bunch of
stupid things that we are handling everyday : Just wast of life and money
without any joy and honor.
This is my vision : FIVE YEARS ...
Best Regards
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