[Haskell-cafe] Writing "Haskell For Dummies Or At Least For People Who Feel Like Dummies When They See The Word 'Monad'"

Andy Georges andy.georges at elis.ugent.be
Mon Dec 11 18:41:15 EST 2006


> I wonder if a similar "theme" is apropriate for proposed book.
> Graphics and sounds give a very direct feedback to the programmer, and
> I expect that helps with the motivation.
> Perhaps a single largish application could be the "end product" of the
> book. Like a game or something. You'd start off with some examples
> early on, and then as quickly as possible start working on the low
> level utility functions for the game, moving on to more and more
> complex things as the book progresses. You'd inevitably have to deal
> with things like performance and other "real world" tasks.
> It might be difficult to find something which would work well, though.

Maybe this idea (ok, isJust) comes to mind because I'm looking around  
at cakephp, which is a rails like framework for PHP, but a real-life  
example could be something like rails. It need not be as extensive or  
fully fledged, but enough such that people can get the hang of things  
and take it from there. That would include DB interaction, web  
interaction, logging, XML and what have you. It might just require  
enough of the more exotic Haskell stuff to get newbies up to speed.

Details can be tackled either when they arise or deferred to an  
appendix, if they bloat the actual issues that is being explained.

Just my €.02

-- Andy

PS. I still belong somewhat to the latter category of the subject.

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