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Nia Rium niarium at gmail.com
Mon Dec 11 05:43:51 EST 2006

> > (Even clean has a simple GUI. Is it that hard to
> > provide a simple GUI like that to be installed by default?)
> Why not provide two, that can be installed? Gtk2Hs and wxHaskell. You
> can bundle them by default, or download them, the difference is
> minimal.

In my humble opinion, in this context, GUI doesn't mean a library to
implement a GUI application. It rather means an interpreter/compiler that
provides graphical interface. Kaveh Shahbazian is a little bit wrong since
there are some implementation with graphic interface like Hugs. But since
Hugs is not a compiler but an interpreter, ones who are to develop a real
world application will hardly choose it. Unless we are making in some
specific fields e.g. a web application, we would often need to get a
compiled executable one. In this point of view, there is no Haskell
implementation with GUI environment for real world application development
yet. This may not matter a lot since we've got some alternatives like
Haskell in Eclipse, Haskell in Emacs, Visual Haskell, etc. But anyway I want
some GUI built in GHC/GHCi too.
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