[Haskell-cafe] Re: Reversing a string of words: C# v Perl V Ruby v Haskell

apfelmus at quantentunnel.de apfelmus at quantentunnel.de
Sun Dec 10 12:15:49 EST 2006

Bernie Pope wrote:
> On 10/12/2006, at 10:50 PM, Andrew Savige wrote:
>> A popular C# approach goes something like:
>>  private static string reverseWords(string str) {
>>      string[] words = Array.FindAll<string>(str.Split(
>>                       new char[] {' ','\t'}),
>>                       delegate(string s) {
>>                          return !String.IsNullOrEmpty(s); });
>>      int i = words.Length - 1;
>>      if (i < 0)
>>          return String.Empty;
>>      StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(words[i]);
>>      while (--i >= 0)
>>          sb.Append(' ').Append(words[i]);
>>      return sb.ToString();
>>  }
> Yikes! There ought to be a law against public displays of C# which are
> not accompanied by health warnings.

*** HNC Haskell News Channel - Headlines ***
*** C# can cause code cancer ***

Recent investigations by medical experts have shown that certain
imperative programming language like C#,C++ and Java have a high risk of
developing code cancer.

"It has long been suspected that certain language species are more
vulnerable to malign code proliferation than others. Yet the full danger
has only been discovered as of now and astonishes even myself", says Dr.
Haskell, leading expert for code sanity at the Higher Order Health
Organisation (HOHO). "Code cancer diagnostics are still evolving these
days, see my own research at
But when code for trivial problems grows ridiculously large, the
diagnosis 'code cancer' is definite." Asked about recovery, Dr. Haskell
explains "We currently do not posses a treatment for code cancer.
Usually, the only solution is to erase the hard drive and to install a
recent distribution of any modern Haskell compiler".

Critics claim that the danger of code cancer is well known. Dr. Hylo,
free scientist at the Haskell Institute for Healthy Induction (HIHI)
points out that "while one cannot overestimate the well known role of a
healthy and strong type system against code cancer as well as bug and
virus infestations, this role is well known. On the other hand, the
danger of exhaustion by general recursion is far underestimated and the
remedy of unfolding the benefits of structural recursion is still
under-appreciated. I further recommend to bracket it with eating five
bananas a day."

minion of the Haskell Association for Humorous Articles (HAHA)

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