[Haskell-cafe] One question...

Waldemar Biernacki wb at sao.pl
Sat Dec 9 11:57:52 EST 2006

Hello to everyone!

Two days ago I have found Haskell in Internet. It sounds very nice.
I have read some articles, few examples, ... yes it sounds nice.

Now my problem is connected with the "non-update" object feature.
I can't write "variable" instead object because - from the meaning of the word 
( variable ) - it has the possibility to CHANGE its value. 
Yes that my problem :-(

Let's assume that I've got to write the application that
should works as follows: 

1. At the beginning the user should write her/his name (for instance as the 
application parameter).
2. Let's assume that the application has many various functions defined 
inside, and - after printing each of the outputs - the name has to be 

How should I think "properly" in Haskell to get described action?


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