[Haskell-cafe] Download locations for former-base libraries?

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at gmail.com
Tue Dec 5 13:35:59 EST 2006


> Of course, just saying "download the latest version with darcs" isn't
> useful, either.  People that want to use my package shouldn't have to have
> darcs, and they also shouldn't have to fight with broken development
> software.
> Or should I be telling people to download the GHC 6.6 extralibs source?
> That doesn't seem quite right either; it's packaged as a tar.bz2, but what
> would a Windows user with HUGS do?  That person probably couldn't even
> unpack it.

I started doing some work towards this on windows:


I found that generally working out of the darcs repo's is both
horribly unreliable, but the easiest way to go about it, because its
more consistent.



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