[Haskell-cafe] Re: Re: data structures question

Benjamin Franksen benjamin.franksen at bessy.de
Thu Aug 31 15:55:13 EDT 2006

Chris Kuklewicz wrote:
> Benjamin Franksen wrote:
>> Matthias Fischmann wrote:
>>> The trick is that Int is not the only index data type, but tuples of
>>> index data types are, too.  Do this:
>>> | type Point = (State, State, Int)
>>> | type TypeV = Array State Double
>>> | 
>>> | matrix :: TypeV
>>> | matrix = array bounds values
>>> |    where
>>> |    ...
>> Surely you meant to say
>> | type TypeV = Array Point Double
>> Cheers,
>> Ben
> And
> type Value = Double
> newtype PointNat = PointNat Int deriving (...Ix)
> type Point = (State,State,PointNat)
> Or even
> type TypeVof a = Array PointNat a
> type TypeV = TypeVof Value
> I did not even run the code I wrote through ghci, I was just showing what
> it could look like.
> And stop calling me Shirley.

Dear Chris,

Could you please be a bit more explicit? Have I offended anyone? Or else,
how do I have to understand this comment other than as a rebuke? And how
comes you answer this as if you were the one who posted the code, and not a
person named Matthias Fischmann?

Please note that English is not my native tongue so there is always the
possibility that I misunderstood something, or that I express myself badly
and so cause misunderstandings. Is the expression "Surely you meant to say
<whatever>" perceived as offending or arrogant, perhaps? In this case I
would gladly apologize and assure everyone that this was not intended!

I posted this correction only in order to avoid confusion for the OP, who
described himself as a beginner with regard to Haskell. I didn't mean to be
nitpicking or anything like that. If I have made a mistake, either
technically or by chosing the wrong words, then please tell me so.

Your answer to my other posting today is of a similar nature, i.e.
completely obscure to me, and totally disregarding the essence of my
question. If there is something personal involved here (for which I can't
imagine any reason other than the above mentioned one) maybe it would be
better to clearly say so (and sort this out in private and not on this


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