[Haskell-cafe] Fran - Functional Reactive Animation

HIGGINS Neil (ENERGEX) neilhiggins at energex.com.au
Wed Aug 23 23:51:55 EDT 2006

> Fran is a Haskell library (or "embedded language") for interactive
> animations with 2D and 3D graphics and sound. See
> <http://www.conal.net/fran/ <http://www.conal.net/fran/> > and
> <http://research.microsoft.com/research/downloads/download.aspx?FUID=c9eff
> 407-ce59-4a2a-90cb-de099a9bacbd
> <http://research.microsoft.com/research/downloads/download.aspx?FUID=c9eff
> 407-ce59-4a2a-90cb-de099a9bacbd> >
> I would like to use Fran as a rapid prototyping environment for
> animations, but it appears to be broken under WinHugs.
> I'm looking for someone with much better Haskell prowess than myself who
> might be able resurrect Fran under WinHugs. Unfortunately I can only offer
> my gratitude in return.
> It's a long shot, I know.
Kind regards,
> Neil Higgins
> Snr Strategic Planning Engineer
> Em: neilhiggins at energex.com.au
> Ph:  3407 4800
> Fx:  3407 4832

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