[Haskell-cafe] extreme newbie: hugs prompt vs load module

George Young gry at ll.mit.edu
Wed Aug 23 10:16:12 EDT 2006

[linux, ghci, hugs May 2006]

I have just started learning Haskell.  I have hugs and ghci under
linux, and I'm going through the Gentle Introduction to
Haskell<http://www.haskell.org/tutorial>, so far through section 4,
"case expressions and pattern matching".  I'm a python programmer, with
background in maclisp, scheme, T, C, C++, and a little J.  

I'm confused about what sort of things I can type at the interpreter
prompt, and what things have to be loaded as a module.  I keep trying
to treat the prompt like a lisp or python REPL, which is obviously
wrong.  Can someone set me straight?

Is there another tutorial that might be more appropriate for me?

I am finding haskell quite appealing.  I hope to start writing real (if
small) applications to do some data analysis from our Postgres DB.  Any

--George Young
"Are the gods not just?"  "Oh no, child.
What would become of us if they were?" (C.S. Lewis)

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