[Haskell-cafe] implementing a csv reader

Jens Fisseler Jens.Fisseler at FernUni-Hagen.de
Tue Aug 22 05:30:22 EDT 2006

Hi Tamas,
> Questions:
> 1. Please tell me if you know of a csv module, because then I would do
>    something else.

I think MissingH contains a simple CSV parser, but the server seems to be 
> 2. I am looking for a parser, but I don't know Haskell parsers.  Is
>    Parsec a good choice?

Parsec is definitely a good choice, but beware that it parses the whole 
input before returning, thus it may consume a huge batch of memory. As CSV 
is a line oriented format, you should make your parser lazy. Search the 
mailing list archive for "lazy parser".



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