[Haskell-cafe] C++ class = neutered (haskell class + haskellexistential)

Brian Hulley brianh at metamilk.com
Fri Aug 18 12:54:08 EDT 2006

Bulat Ziganshin wrote:
> http://haskell.org/haskellwiki/OOP_vs_type_classes
> although i mentioned not only pluses but also drawbacks of type
> classes: lack of record extension mechanisms (such at that implemented
> in O'Haskell) and therefore inability to reuse operation
> implementation in an derived data type...

Hi Bulat -
You can reuse ops in a derived data type but it involves a tremendous amount 
of boilerplate. Essentially, you just use the type classes to simulate 
extendable records by having a method in each class that accesses the 
fixed-length record corresponding to that particular C++ class.

Here is an example (apologies for the length!) which shows a super class 
function being overridden in a derived class and a derived class method 
(B::Extra) making use of something implemented in the super class:

module Main where

{-  Haskell translation of the following C++

    class A {
        String s;
        Int i;

        A(String s, Int i) s(s), i(i){}

        virtual void Display(){
            printf("A %s %d\n", s.c_str(), i);

        virtual Int Reuse(){
            return i * 100;

    class B: public A{
        Char c;

        B(String s, Int i, Char c) : A(s, i), c(c){}

        virtual void Display(){
            printf("B %s %d %c", s.c_str(), i, c);

        virtual void Extra(){
            printf("B Extra %d\n", Reuse());



data A = A
                { _A_s :: String
                , _A_i :: Int

-- This could do arg checking etc
constructA :: String -> Int -> A
constructA = A

class ClassA a where
    getA :: a -> A

    display :: a -> IO ()
    display a = do
            A{_A_s = s, _A_i = i} = getA a
        putStrLn $ "A " ++ s ++ show i

    reuse :: a -> Int
    reuse a = _A_i (getA a) * 100

data WrapA = forall a. ClassA a => WrapA a

instance ClassA WrapA where
    getA (WrapA a) = getA a
    display (WrapA a) = display a
    reuse (WrapA a) = reuse a

instance ClassA A where
    getA = id

data B = B { _B_A :: A, _B_c :: Char }

constructB :: String -> Int -> Char -> B
constructB s i c = B {_B_A = constructA s i, _B_c = c}

class ClassA b => ClassB b where
    getB :: b -> B

    extra :: b -> IO ()
    extra b = do
        putStrLn $ "B Extra " ++ show (reuse b)

data WrapB = forall b. ClassB b => WrapB b

instance ClassB WrapB where
    getB (WrapB b) = getB b
    extra (WrapB b) = extra b

instance ClassA WrapB where
    getA (WrapB b) = getA b
    display (WrapB b) = display b
    reuse (WrapB b) = reuse b

instance ClassB B where
    getB = id

instance ClassA B where
    getA = _B_A

    -- override the base class version
    display b = putStrLn $
                "B " ++ _A_s (getA b)
                ++ show (_A_i (getA b))
                ++ [_B_c (getB b)]

main :: IO ()
main = do
        a = constructA "a" 0
        b = constructB "b" 1 '*'

        col = [WrapA a, WrapA b]

    mapM_ display col
    putStrLn ""
    mapM_ (putStrLn . show . reuse) col
    putStrLn ""
    extra b

{- Output:

   > ghc -fglasgow-exts --make Main
   > main
   A a0
   B b1*


   B Extra 100


(If the "caseless underscore" Haskell' ticket is accepted the leading 
underscores would have to be replaced by something like "_f" ie _A_s ---> 
_fA_s etc)

Regards, Brian.

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