[Haskell-cafe] Description of Haskell extensions used by FPTOOLS

Brian Smith brianlsmith at gmail.com
Thu Aug 17 12:01:06 EDT 2006

Is there any design document for the FPTOOLS libraries or some description
of language features that are (allowed to be) used in them?

I am going to be taking some significant time off from my normal jobs in the
upcoming months. During part of that time, I would like to do some work to
improve the Haskell toolchain. This involves creating or improving tools
that parse and analyze Haskell code. My goal is to have these tools support
enough of Haskell to be able to handle at least the most important libraries
used by Haskell programmers. In particular, this includes all or most of the
libraries in FPTOOLS. Plus, I want these tools to operate on Darcs as it is
an obvious poster-child for Haskell. Thus, I need to support Haskell 98 plus
all the extensions being used in Darcs and FPTOOLS as of approx. March, 2007
(as I intened to start working again at that time).

It would be very nice if there was some document that described "Haskell 98
plus all the extensions being used in Darcs and FPTOOLS as of March, 2007."
Besides being useful to me, it would be a useful guide for potential
contributors to FPTOOLS.

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