[Haskell-cafe] fast image processing in haskell?

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at cse.unsw.edu.au
Sat Aug 5 23:03:45 EDT 2006

> Hello Chris,
> Saturday, August 5, 2006, 3:47:19 AM, you wrote:
> >> in Haskell before blitting the data (whilst also retaining some
> >> semblance of functional programming...)
> the best way to optimize Haskell program (with current technologies)
> is to rewrite it in strict & imperative manner:

Strict, very often, since we get unboxed types out of ghc. Imperative,
not always (and will be less so with Data.ByteString -- since we don't
need to drop into IO to get peek/poke).

-- Don    

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