[Haskell-cafe] fast image processing in haskell?

Jeff Briggs ephemeral.elusive at gmail.com
Fri Aug 4 17:21:18 EDT 2006


I am attempting to process images captured from a webcam. My aim is to
do so, in real time, at the frame rate of the camera. I'm using GHC
6.4.2 with -O3.
A frame consists of ~100k 24bit colour values.

The webcam is interfaced through FFI bindings to some C++ -- these are
all labelled 'unsafe'. The image is passed to Haskell as a Ptr Word8.

To blit this to the screen (via Gtk2Hs) I do the following:

data Cam = Cam { snap_width   :: !Int
               , snap_height  :: !Int
               , snap_bytespp :: !Int
               , snap_size    :: !Int
               , cam_img      :: Ptr Word8
               , cam_obj      :: ForeignPtr ()

do (PixbufData _ dst _) <- (pixbufGetPixels pixbuf :: IO (PixbufData Int Word8))
     copyBytes dst (cam_img cam)

This achieves the desired throughput (25-29fps.) However, I am at a
bit of a loss how to do something similar for preprocessing the data
in Haskell before blitting the data (whilst also retaining some
semblance of functional programming...)

Currently, I have:

cam_snap cam f x
    = do let loop (r:g:b:rest) n x = f r g b n x >>= loop rest (n+3)
             loop _ _ x            = return x
         px <- peekArray (snap_size cam) (cam_img cam)
         loop px 0 x

cam_snap2 cam f x
    = let loop ptr n x
              | n >= snap_size cam
                  = return x
              | otherwise
                  = do let ptrs = scanl plusPtr ptr [1,1]
                       [r,g,b] <- mapM peek ptrs
                       f r g b n x >>= loop (ptr `plusPtr` 3) (n+3)
      in loop (cam_img cam) 0 x

do ...
    let sum_px r g b _ (sr,sg,sb) = return (sr+r,sg+g,sb+b)
    sum <- cam_snap (cam ui) sum_px (0.0,0.0,0.0)
    print sum

cam_snap only processes at 5 fps, whereas cam_snap2 operates at 6fps.

Any suggestions?


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