[Haskell-cafe] a bunch of newbie questions

Imam Tashdid ul Alam uchchwhash at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 4 04:19:04 EDT 2006

what's the difference between data and co-data
exactly?  or between inductive data types and
co-inductive data types? can you give me some
reference points that explain these?

> (read "56")::Integer 

does it in fact pass the type (Integer) to the
function (read)? I guess what we want is for the
(Integer) implementation of the (read) function to
evaluate, not really to cast the value of (read)
function to (Integer). in the regex libraries, (~=)
cast this way results in completely different things
altogether, should type classes have namespaces
associated with them? somewhat like Integer.read "56"?
this way of selecting the intended implementation,
does it work without trouble with multiparameter type
classes as well?

theoretically is it possible to do a strictness
analysis without any help from the programmer?

thanks a bunch in advance.

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