[Haskell-cafe] Funct dependency conflict when using types

Frank frank at geoinfo.tuwien.ac.at
Sun Apr 30 05:53:23 EDT 2006

I have observed the error message (ghci 6.4)

 Functional dependencies conflict between instance declarations:
      LocTest.hs:16:0: instance B S Bool
      LocTest.hs:22:0: instance (F f, B a b) => B (f a) (f b)

when I changed in an instance from a simple type to a type with a parameter
(i.e. from Int to (Int, Bool)).

The following minimal program demonstrates the problem: 

an instance with type S (= T Float) conflicts with B (f a) (f b) 

whereas the comparable instance with data R (= R Float) does not.

Is this intentional? How can it be avoided?
Help is greatly appreciated!


class  F f where
    m2 :: (a -> b -> c) -> f a -> f b -> f c        --zipWith

class B a b | a -> b where
    dist2 :: a -> a -> b
instance B S Bool where 			-- line 16
    dist2 a d = True
instance B R Float where
    dist2 a d = 1

instance (F f, B a b) => B (f a) (f b) where	-- line 22
    dist2 a b = m2 dist2 a b

data T f = T f 
type S = T Float  
data R = R Float

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