[Haskell-cafe] Re: Control.Exceptions and MonadIO

Brian Hulley brianh at metamilk.com
Sat Apr 22 15:15:45 EDT 2006

oleg at pobox.com wrote:
> Robert Dockins wrote:
>> One additional (very unfortunate) point is that higher-order IO monad
>> combinators will not work on your monad, eg, the ones in
>> Control.Exception.
> Although that is true in general, for many useful and interesting
> cases (including ReaderT, the state transformer, and the newtype
> wrapping of IO) one _can_ use catch, bracket etc. constructs in
> MonadIO. Please see this message and the follow-up discussion:
> http://www.haskell.org/pipermail/haskell/2006-February/017547.html

I still don't see how this helps with the StateT transformer for example, 
because the state would be lost which isn't much use. For example, here is 
my attempt to implement a version of bracket_ which would work with an 
arbitrary StrictMonadIO:

class MonadIO m => StrictMonadIO m where
  getUnliftIO :: m (m a -> IO a)

instance StrictMonadIO IO where
  getUnliftIO = return id

instance StrictMonadIO m => StrictMonadIO (StateT s m) where
  getUnliftIO = StateT $ \s ->
                     unliftIO <- getUnliftIO
                     return (\(StateT s_mas) ->
                                  (a, _) <- unliftIO (s_mas s) -- NEW STATE 
                                  return a
                            , s) -- OLD STATE IS RETURNED

bracket_ :: StrictMonadIO m => m a -> m b -> m c -> m c
bracket_ a b c = do
                   unliftIOa <- getUnliftIO
                   unliftIOb <- getUnliftIO
                   unliftIOc <- getUnliftIO
                   liftIO $ bracket_ (unliftIOa a) (unliftIOb b) (unliftIOc 

There are some points that are problematic:

1) Any changes made to the state by unlifted actions are discarded
2) The implementation of bracket_ seems unnecessarily messy because of the 
strange limitation that higher rank polymorphism is not allowed ie the 
following definition gives a compiler error:

   getUnliftIO :: m (forall a. m a -> IO a)  -- what's wrong with this?

So the essential question is: does there exist any way to implement a 
bracket_ that will work properly with a state monad?

I'm also wondering: exactly why is it impossible to implement the Exception 
functions for an arbitrary MonadIO? Surely the higher order functions could 
just be implemented using some very low level primitives like:

    push_block_async :: IO ()
    pop_block_async :: IO ()
    push_unblock_async :: IO ()
    pop_unblock_async :: IO ()

    block :: MonadIO m -> m a -> m a
    block x = do
                        liftIO push_block_async
                        a <- x
                        liftIO pop_block_async
                        return a

     bracket_ a b c = block $ do
                                     unblock c

Thanks, Brian. 

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