[Haskell-cafe] RuntimeLoader

Tim Newsham newsham at lava.net
Fri Apr 14 01:54:47 EDT 2006

    I'm about to start playing with HWS-WP (web server + plugins).  It
relies on RuntimeLoader:


I grabbed the example and built it (only one minor tweak to imports
to get it to build) but it doesnt quite work:

$ ./src/TextFilter ./plugins/Lower.o < README
TextFilter: ./plugins/Lower.o: unknown symbol `__stginit_Char_'
TextFilter: user error (resolveFunctions failed?False)

There were also some warnings during building:

Compiling RuntimeLoader    ( ../runtime_loader/RuntimeLoader.hs, 
.o )
/tmp/ghc11951.hc: In function `s2Pj_ret':
/tmp/ghc11951.hc:170: warning: implicit declaration of function 
/tmp/ghc11951.hc: In function `s2JU_entry':

I assume this is because it is mucking with some ghc internals?
Is anyone familiar with this package?  Is there a more up-to-date
version or alternative?

Tim Newsham

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