[Haskell-cafe] web servers

Tim Newsham newsham at lava.net
Mon Apr 10 22:26:15 EDT 2006

> There's this link: http://www.mdstud.chalmers.se/~md9ms/hws-wp/

Yes there is, but its a broken link.  I tried mailing the author
and got no response.

> From memory I think there may have been a more recent version at
> scannedinavian.org (possibly only accessible with darcs?), but still a couple
> of years with no apparent activity.

I'll try to get it from here.  Thanks.

> If anyone is interested in using it, contributing to it, or picking over 
> it for use in an existing project, I'll try and find somewhere stable to 
> host it and change the licence. Feel free to ask questions on what it 
> does/doesn't do.  You'll probably need to, given the documentation ;-)

I'd be interested in looking at it, at the least.

> Regardless of it's utility, any criticism or advice on the code would be
> appreciated.

I'm a bit of a haskell noob, so don't expect anything brilliant.

> Daniel

Tim Newsham

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