[Haskell-cafe] Substitute for records?

Mattias Bengtsson moonlite at dtek.chalmers.se
Mon Apr 10 15:38:14 EDT 2006

Currently i'm working, together with a friend, on an abstraction (sort
of) of HaskellDB for a school-project.
Basically we are generating haskell-modules similar to those generated
by DBDirect in HaskellDB together with some helpers for the most common
queries you'd want to run.
HaskellDB has its own record system (HDBRec) and a HaskellDB-query also
returns such a record. The accessor-functions for these records can
later be found in DatabaseName.TableName.ColumnName.column. These should
be imported qualified to avoid name clashes.
This is some example code:

  students <- School.Students.all db
  mapM_ printStudentId students

  printStudentId rec = print $ rec!School.Students.Id.column

The main problem for me here is this part:
where i would rather just write 
This isn't possible and the other way is just too messy for my taste. It
simply isn't the easy and nice syntax i had hoped for when we started to
develop this.
Are there any other nice substitutes for HDBRec or normal haskell
records that i could use that doesn't make name clashes an issue?

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