[Haskell-cafe] What's up with this Haskell runtime error message:

Roberto Zunino roberto.zunino at sns.it
Thu Apr 6 09:02:58 EDT 2006

Michael Goodrich wrote:

> Also I know what strict means, but why are you saying that baz is strict?

Because otherwise the loop would be OK. For instance if baz were

baz x = 100   -- lazy

then the equations could be evaluated starting from

c0 = baz z0 = 100
rd0 = c0*c0*m = 100*100*m
  -- etc.

and eventually all the variables could be defined.

Another example: the pair constructor (,) is lazy so

c = (3, fst c)  -- "loop" on c

is OK, and defines c=(3,3).

Roberto Zunino.

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