[Haskell-cafe] finally going on Solaris

Brian McQueen mcqueenorama at gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 13:03:26 EDT 2005

Yes, I had to install those specific version as stated on the page. 
Also, I've got gcc-2.95 here and its a Sun Ultra 5.

Regarding stdint.h, ghci seems to run well, but when I tried to
compile some code that used the 6.4 libraries, the #includes were
broken due to there being no stdint.h on this platform.

Also there still is a problem of some kind, and it must have something
to do with the compiler.  I've never seen this sort of thing out of a
compiler before.  I'm compiling some small and fairly simple libraries
- the WASH package.  For some reason, the compilation of
HTMLMonad98.hs is taking forever - and  I mean forever.  The file is
about 5000 simple lines long - nearly all data and instance
declarations.  I killed it this morning after it was compiling that
single file for about 18 hours!  Every other file compiled in minutes
or seconds!  I don't imagine it could be due to bad code - bad code
shouldn't make a compiler go nuts.  Any ideas about this?

Brian McQueen
On 9/29/05, Christian Maeder <maeder at tzi.de> wrote:
> Brian McQueen wrote:
> > I've finally got a working ghc on Solaris.  Its 6.4.1.  I couldn't get
> > the earlier, pre 6.4 versions going due to problems with my gcc.  It
> Indeed, I cannot reliable use our ghc-6.2.x solaris installation any
> more after gcc-2.95.3 has been uninstalled.
> > seemed to be expecting a gcc shared library that my system didn't
> > have, nor did any other gcc that I was able to compile.  After loading
> > a few prerequisites, and then reloading them with --enable-shared, its
> > now going.
> Which gcc version are you using? I use gcc-3.4.4. Do you mean you had to
> install the dynamic libraries libreadline.so.5, libncurses.so.5, and
> libgmp.so.3 ?
> (That was clearly stated on the distribution page:
> http://www.haskell.org/ghc/download_ghc_641.html#sparcsolaris)
> If you had to install something else, please tell us what it was.
> > I found a problem with a header file in the solaris distribution too -
> > it expects stdint.h, which doesn't seem to be a part of Solaris
> > anymore.  I undef'd the HAVE_STDINT_H lines, and its working well now.
> /usr/include/stdint.h is part of our solaris (2.8 and 2.10)
> installations (and therefore HAVE_STDINT_H was defined). I don't know
> where HAVE_STDINT_H matters.
> Christian

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