[Haskell-cafe] finally going on Solaris

Brian McQueen mcqueenorama at gmail.com
Wed Sep 28 18:49:41 EDT 2005

I've finally got a working ghc on Solaris.  Its 6.4.1.  I couldn't get
the earlier, pre 6.4 versions going due to problems with my gcc.  It
seemed to be expecting a gcc shared library that my system didn't
have, nor did any other gcc that I was able to compile.  After loading
a few prerequisites, and then reloading them with --enable-shared, its
now going.

I found a problem with a header file in the solaris distribution too -
it expects stdint.h, which doesn't seem to be a part of Solaris
anymore.  I undef'd the HAVE_STDINT_H lines, and its working well now.

Brian McQueen

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