[Haskell-cafe] Use Haskell to extract GXL representation

Santoemma Enrico Enrico.Santoemma at beta80group.it
Tue Sep 20 09:53:46 EDT 2005


I've used extensively HaXml and the tool DtdToHaskell to do xml processing.

HaXml marshalls/demarshalls xml data and DtdToHaskell creates the "data" statements to handle xml in haskell fashion.
I learnt how to write a palatable DTD for the delicate DtdToHaskell, but in your case I guess you're not the dtd's author.

It's very simple, once everything is setup:

import MYDTD

myXml :: String -> IO MYDTD
myXml fileName = return $ fReadXml fileName 

where MYDTD.hs is the output of:
$ DtdToHaskell MYDTD.dtd MYDTD.hs

Feel free to ask if you'll have troubles with DtdToHaskell. I remember I fought a lot :)


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> Dear you all,
> Currently, I am working with Haskell and GXL file (Graph 
> eXchange Language). GXL
> is  a sublanguage of XML and  its syntax is based on XML DTD.
> 1) In my work, I use GXL representation to represent a quantification
> (e.g. forall(x:Z|x = 3 and x^2 - 3x + 2 =0))
> 2) My objective is to write a Haskell module to extract the content of
> the GXL file such that a prover theorem (e.g, ICS) and a computer
> algebra system (e.g, Matlab) can read the content of GXL file.
> If any of you have experiences or any ideas about the problem, please
> share with me.
> I really appreciate for that.Thanks a lot.
> Sara.
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