[Haskell-cafe] Basic Haskell Types Question

Adam Wyner adam at wyner.info
Fri Sep 16 08:19:18 EDT 2005


I have a basic question about how output types are reported.  I'm using 

Suppose I have the following, where the type String is predefined in
the Prelude as [Char].

type PropList = [String]

atomicProps1 :: PropList
atomicProps1 = ["prop1"]

And I have a function on expressions of type PropList which takes every 
from the input list and prefixes the string "neg-" to it.

negationAtomicProps :: PropList -> PropList
negationAtomicProps inPropsList = [ "neg-" ++ inString | inString <-

So, with the following, I get the right result:

 > negationAtomicProps atomicProps1

The types for the parts are right:

 > :t negationAtomicProps
negationAtomicProps :: PropList -> PropList

 > :t atomicProps1
atomicProps1 :: PropList

But, what I don't understand or like is that the type of the whole
is given as [[Char]], not what I thought it would be, namely PropList.
Nor is it [String].

 > :t negationAtomicProps atomicProps1
negationAtomicProps atomicProps1 :: [[Char]]

I really want to get the following sort of report for the type:

negationAtomicProps atomicProps1 :: PropList

The reason I want this is that in more complex cases, it will be easier
to see what is going wrong (as the functions are developed) if I can see
the types I want.

Am I supposed to be using newtype or data declarations here?  How would
I do this?  I looked around for information in the usual sources,
but haven't found an answer.

Adam Wyner

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