[Haskell-cafe] Haskell versus Lisp

Mark Carter mcturra2000 at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Sep 16 07:34:57 EDT 2005

This is not a troll, honest, so please bear with me ...

I'm a C/C++/VBA programmer (although the former 2 are several years old 
for me), with a sprinkling of Python. Needless to say, I was looking to 
see if there were any better ways of doing things. I've given things 
like Ruby and Scheme a bit of peck, and failed to get particularly 
enthusiastic about them. Two very interesting choices, though, appear to 
be Lisp and Haskell. It struck me that Lisp was, perhaps, the Ultimate 
Programming Language, the One True Language to rule them all; except 
that I always kept  abandoning it for one reason or another (fiddly 
installation, lack of libraries, compatability problems,  cost, possible 
license issues, etc.). My current foray in Haskell seems encouraging. 
wxHaskell installed a breeze, and seems quite usable (even though I'm a 
raw n00b to the language, and admittedly haven't grokked the semantics, 
and all this  <cid:part1.01000702.09000407 at yahoo.co.uk> IO a -> IO () 
business). On the one hand, it  seems kinda academic, but on the other, 
it looks like it wants to be practical, too.

Bearing this in mind, and hoping you can see where I'm coming from, I 
think my question is: shouldn't you guys be using Lisp?

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