[Haskell-cafe] wxHaskell: getting a checkbox state

Arthur Baars arthurb at cs.uu.nl
Wed Sep 14 11:54:10 EDT 2005


A "Checkbox" is instance of the class Checkable:

This means you can "get" and "set" the "checked" property for  
for example:
  c <- get cbEdit checked
  set cbEdit [checked := not c ]

The following code makes the checkbox print its state every time it is  
checked or unchecked:
        cbEdit <- checkBox f [text := "Edit Mode" ]
        set cbEdit [ on command :=  do v <- get cbEdit checked
                                       print v

PS: there is a mailinglist for wxhaskell-related questions:

On 14-sep-05, at 17:15, Mark Carter wrote:

> I'm a complete n00b to Haskell, and I am trying to write an  
> experimental app using wxHaskell. I'm getting on suprisingly well,  
> given that I have practially no idea what I'm doing.
> In my main loop I have
>    cbEdit <- checkBox p1 [text := "Edit Mode", on command :=  onCbEdit  
> textlog   ]
> where p1 is a panel, and textlog is a textCtrl that I want to write  
> output to. In my where clause I have defined:
>   onCbEdit textlog  = do
>        appendText textlog "onCbEdit\n"
> So far, this works. The thing that's got me totally stumped is this:  
> suppose I want onCbEdit to do something dependent on the state of the  
> checkbox (i.e. whether it is checked or unchecked). I've tried a  
> variety of things, but I can't get anything to work.
> To put things into a wider context, here's the message I posted to  
> fa.haskell yesterday:
> I'm the rawest of n00bs to Haskell. I was interested in evaluating it,
> and I've seen some GUI stuff that looked pretty impressive.
> I wanted to write a protoype for a commercial application to do
> hydrocarbon accounting. Which is to say, you've a number of so-called
> "streams" - think of them as graph nodes - feeding into each other in a
> directed fashion (assume the graph is acyclic). Then there's a bunch of
> business logic which determines how the values of one stream are
> affected by the values in another. An example of a stream might be a
> platform. Another one might be a well. Each stream would display on the
> window as some funky symbol, with its name underneath.
> It would be nice if the application had an edit mode, where you could
> add, move, delete, and join streams in a window; and a data mode, where
> you could click on the stream you were interested in  and examine its
> properties.
> Is there a Haskell GUI toolkit which is particularly suitable for this?
> Other requirements of the toolkit would be:
> * Works on Windows (XP)
> * commercial-friendly licence: GPL is out, and even LGPL is a bit
> fiddly
> * free
> * bonus points for being easy to use, and well-documented
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