[Haskell-cafe] Language Workbenches - the Haskell solution?

yoann padioleau padator at wanadoo.fr
Mon Sep 12 04:06:36 EDT 2005

On 12 sept. 05, at 00:50, Ralf Lammel wrote:

> - XML wasn't mentioned in your message. I wonder whether they  
> discuss it
> in the actual thread. (Yes, you might be saying XML is not the same
Yes, fowler mentionned XML:
  "XML has its uses, but isn't exactly easy to read. We could make it  
easier to see what's going on by using a custom syntax. Perhaps like  

I dont think XML is a good idea for files that are managed/edited by  
Of course the job of the programmer is easier when the file is coded  
in XML, but I think the user prefer simpler files with a custom  
syntax, and
the user is the king.
I am a programmer and personnaly I dont want to code my haskell code  
in XML, so I presume it is the same for the user with configuration  

> language as you are programming in, but it so easy to process XML in
> many languages, and one uses XSD for the DSL syntax). In fact, in
> Haskell I would strongly consider using HaXML or similar technology  
> for
> non-trivial configuration problems. XML makes configuration also more
> portable. In reality, I don't see much value in using the programming
> language syntax for representing the configuration information. This
> makes it only harder to process those configurations with other tools.

Well except if your programming langage is lisp in which case parsing  
the configuration file is
just a call to read.

> Ralf
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