[Haskell-cafe] Language Workbenches - the Haskell solution?

David Menendez zednenem at psualum.com
Sun Sep 11 16:32:10 EDT 2005

Yoel Jacobsen writes:

> It seems that Martin Fowler's article "Language Workbenches: The 
> killer-App for Domain Specific Languages?" - 
> http://www.martinfowler.com/articles/languageWorkbench.html - has 
> generated some nice dynamic solution where a configuration file is 
> written in the same language as the program. Notable examples are lisp
> http://lispm.dyndns.org/news?ID=NEWS-2005-07-08-1 and python - 

Have you investigated hs-plugins? One of the examples for "Plugging
Haskell In"[1] is using Haskell as a configuration language.

[1] <http://www.cse.unsw.edu.au/~dons/papers/PSSC04.html>
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