[Haskell-cafe] Where to start about writing web/HTTP apps ?

gary ng garyng2000 at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 10 07:15:45 EDT 2005


I just start learning haskell and have to say that it
is stunning in how precise it can be(coming from a
background of C then python/perl/js).

I want to write apps for WEB and have briefly read
WASH. However, that seems to be a CGI based solution.
What I want is a native HTTP server(written in
haskell), like Twisted/Cherrypy in Python. Are there
any boilerplate(I know I should scrap the boilerplate
but I need to have something to get start) for
reference ?

In addition, during my learning process, I keep on
using my old experience as reference such as writing
simple programs that needs functions like
ltrim/rtrim/substr etc. that is in almost any language
I have used. But it seems that haskell doesn't have
it. I know that a haskell expert can write them in no
time with things like dropWhile and reverse, it is a
bit frustrating for new comers from a imperative

Oh, while I am still here, I am reading "The Evolution
of a Haskell Programmer"

and learning the various way to tackle the same
problem. Obviously, there are lots of things I don't
know what it is about and I would tackle them as time
go by. But I have problem even with the seems to be
simple one like this :

fac n = foldr (\x g n -> g (x*n)) id [1..n] 1

I can understand a foldl or foldr version but have
problem with this, especially the "id" and the
trailing "1" and the function being folded takes 3
parameters instead of 2(as in standard foldr/foldl

Would appreciate if someone can knock on my head and
tell me what is going on in it.

thanks for help in advance.



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