[Haskell-cafe] Estonia and GADT

David Roundy droundy at abridgegame.org
Sun Oct 16 16:14:00 EDT 2005

On Sun, Oct 16, 2005 at 12:48:28PM +0400, Bulat Ziganshin wrote:
> btw, from where yourself studied what is GADT and how it can be used?

I read Simons' paper on GADTs and didn't understand from that how it could
be used for anything other than ASTs and interpereters.  Most of what I
know about GADTs I learned at ICFP from various talks and moreso from
asking questions of people who knew more about them than we did.  And lots
of experimentation.  We (myself, Igloo and Heffalump) spent much of the
second half of the conference experimenting with GADTs and asking for help
when we got stuck.  In some ways they're hard to use (especially when
trying to enforce weird type constraints), but in most other ways they're
very simple, which is what makes them so beautiful.
David Roundy

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