[Haskell-cafe] Hi, I'm a Bolivian student working in my proyect of grade...

Soujiro Seta burriquin_as at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 12 09:38:35 EDT 2005

Hello, sorry for this bother, I'm a student of computer science of one 
university of Bolivia (UMSS, Cochabamba - Bolivia http://www.umss.edu.bo/).

In my university the principal tool is Java and the OO paradigm, but for the 
area of programming languages we use the functional programming paradigm and 

I´m working in my project of grade, and one teacher suggest me to use 
something new, in this case "Hugs98 for .NET" for develop something 
interesant. At this time I have learned about ASP.NET and C# and I think to 
develop a Web Service, but I'm not so happy with the idea of my project, 
please, can you suggest me something interesant to develop with Hugs98 for 
.NET?, in other words, I'm asking you about a something interesant thing to 
develop using the .NET framework and haskell, something interesant to apply 
the functional paradigm and a intelligent architecture to implement it.

Thanks, and sorry for my bad english :(

Best regards.

Horóscopo, tarot, numerología... Escucha lo que te dicen los astros. 

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