[Haskell-cafe] puzzling memory leak? (GHC)

Udo Stenzel u.stenzel at web.de
Tue Oct 11 05:00:07 EDT 2005

Young Hyun wrote:
> Here's what the program does.  It reads a binary file containing a  
> large number of varying-length structured records.  [...]
> Unless I'm badly mistaken, nothing about fixArts suggests that it  
> would leak memory.  So, it would appear parseArts is somehow to blame  
> for the memory leak, but this is where it gets weird.  If I just  
> slightly change fixArts (see below), then I no longer get a memory  
> leak (the process size stays at just over 3MB):
> fixArts ((Right x):xs) = do hPutArts stderr x
>                             fixArts xs

Most likely you think, your parser is building small datat structures,
when in reality it builds large and complicated suspended computations,
that never run and just take up space.  As soon as you demand their
result (hPutArts does this), they run and free up the space.

GHC itself cannot help you much.  Maybe it *could* determine that all
these results are really demanded eventually  and it won't hurt to
compute them earlier, but in practice this is too hard to do.  You'll
need to give some hints.  You should change the fields in your record to
strict types (!Integer instead of Integer) and you should force
evaluation of these structures by placing a `seq' at the appropriate
place.  Unfortunately, finding this place is not easy.  Probably the
best way is to simulate lazy evaluation in your head and see where it
goes wrong.  

> parseArts (x:xs) ... = (createArts x) : parseArts xs

In this code the result of createArts is not demanded and simply put
into a potentially large data structure.  It might help to change it to
the following:

parseArts (x:xs) ... = ((:) $! createArts x) parseArts xs

mitten in einer Diskussion über den "Evil Mangler" in GHC 5.04:
<shapr> the evil mangler uses *perl* ??
<ChilliX> yes...
<ChilliX> it is Evil after all
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