[Haskell-cafe] Haskell GUI on top of Xlib?

Dimitry Golubovsky dimitry at golubovsky.org
Sat Nov 26 22:00:13 EST 2005

Thanks Duncan for this link: a very interesting reading.

Duncan Coutts wrote:

> Are you aware of the XCB library:
> http://xcb.freedesktop.org/

> Indeed they mention that Haskell would be an obvious target for this:
> http://xcb.freedesktop.org/wiki/XCBToDo

I haven't looked at their API closely, but it would not be a problem to 
generate bindings using HSFFIG unless there are functions 
taking/returning whole structures, or things like arrays of function 
pointers which are not yet handled by HSFFIG reliably.

It might be worth trying to model their algorithms in Haskell though. 
They send requests to server semi-lazily (i. e. when request's result is 
needed, or eventually when the queue is flushed), and retrieve server 
replies lazily (i. e. on demand).

But I am not ready to tell yet, would Haskell's natural laziness be 
sufficient to implement that, or something involving mutable objects 
needs to be built on top of the standard I/O stuff.

Dimitry Golubovsky
Middletown, CT

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