[Haskell-cafe] Haskell GUI on top of Xlib?

Dimitry Golubovsky dimitry at golubovsky.org
Sat Nov 26 00:17:46 EST 2005

Do there exist Haskell graphics/UI toolkits implemented on top of the 
X11 library (Xlib) without any intermediate C/C++ libraries (i. e. not 
WxHaskell for example)?

I have a very low level client-side interface to the X11 protocol 
implemented in pure Haskell (layout of protocol packets obtained from 
Xlib header files preprocessed by HSFFIG). As of now, I can open a 
display, build request packets manually and parse server responses (some 
of, but this is just a matter of writing more parsers), so this is more 
like a toolset for X11 protocol packets manipulations. I do not intend 
to implement a full analog of Xlib in Haskell. Instead, it might be 
interesting to create a "fully functional" GUI toolkit based on some 
already existing high-level interface.

Any ideas will be appreciated.

Dimitry Golubovsky
Middletown, CT

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