[Haskell-cafe] Project postmortem

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at microsoft.com
Mon Nov 21 04:35:31 EST 2005

If it's MacOS specific, we're not going to be much help at GHC HQ,
because we don't have any (Macs that is).  Wolfgang Thaller is the MacOS
expert, but maybe there are others now?


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| Sent: 19 November 2005 00:57
| To: Simon Marlow
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| I'm happy to report that the problem can be reproduced by running the
| code from my darcs repo at http://test.wagerlabs.com/postmortem. See
| the README file. I'm on Mac OSX 10.4.3.
| The server just sits there, goes through the SSL handshake and...
| does nothing else. The clients go through the handshake with the
| server and do nothing else. The handshake goes through X number of
| times and then the client crashes.
| On Nov 18, 2005, at 1:55 PM, Simon Marlow wrote:
| > How we normally proceed for a crash like this is as follows: examine
| > where the crash happened and determine whether it is a result of
| > heap or
| > stack corruption, and then attempt to trace backwards to find out
| > where
| > the corruption originated from.  Tracing backwards means running the
| > program from the beginning again, so it's essential to have a
| > reproducible example.  Without reproducibility, we have to use a
| > combination of debugging printfs and staring really hard at the
| > which is much more time consuming (and still requires being able to
| > run
| > the program to make it crash with debugging output turned on).

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